I Love You Now Hush, signed by the author

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I Love You—Now Hush is a pithy, humorous book along the lines of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus— but think below the Mason-Dixon line. 

In Morgan's first book, he paired up with Southern humorist Melinda Rainey Thompson to write a hilarious, heartfelt collection of Southern essays on every topic under the sun about which men and women disagree: reading (or not reading) instruction manuals, shopping, keeping house, romance, yard work, clothing—just to name a few. But their take on these common arguments is fresh and unexpected. Quite a few not-so-common squabbles of the sexes are included, as well, such as proper singing etiquette, hoarding mayonnaise jars, and “That Twinkle in Your Eye.”

This former teacher and student work together beautifully, despite a few bumps along the way. Melinda absolutely refused to write an essay on cursing: “I told Morgan he would likely sprout wings and fly before I’d write this chapter. That’s when an astonishing thing happened. In a velvety, deep-bass drawl that I adore, my friend looked across the desk at me and said, between his teeth, ‘Yes. We. Are. Writing. This. Chapter.’ I thought I was going to have to take to my bed. I really did.” End result: a chapter titled, “What the #*$&?” It’s PG-rated, of course. As Morgan says, “I believe that if it is in the Bible, you can say it. Period. Fortunately for me, that opens up a whole range of blasphemy.”

Melinda comments on their working relationship in the preface: “I’ve known Morgan for years. He was my all-time favorite student. . . . He writes beautifully. He should. I taught him. . . . He makes me laugh so hard I think I am going to throw up.” Hopefully, I Love You—Now Hush won’t have the latter effect on you, but laughs are guaranteed.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review